All Loss Adjustment claims handling are administered through our corporate headquarters in Southampton, Pennsylvania. Claims handling activities are also performed in our Philadelphia office. We recommend that a client transmit assignments via facsimile transmittal (215/364-8692), by telephone through our toll free number (800/732-1917), or via email to

Upon receipt of an assignment, a file will be created, reviewed by a managing principal, and given to a senior adjuster for handling. The adjuster proceeds to make immediate contact with the assured/claimant. After discussing the matter with the appropriate party, an initial reserve would then be established and provided to our client. The adjuster would then conduct preliminary investigation and warranted field inspections as required to thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the involved loss experience.

Under no circumstances is any authority delegated to field personnel. Our claims adjusters are fully responsible for follow-up work, reporting, and settlement activities as per the Loss Adjustment instructions provided by the client.